Imagine having your bespoke procedures with the feel of a luxury spa…

within a historic, listed building… all by highly qualified and experienced doctors… and just 5 minutes from the M4…

The Lodge Aesthetic clinic resides in a listed Georgian Manor out of town with its own gates. This allows the treatments to be done discreetly and confidentially, something some of our better-known clients find particularly advantageous.

Here at The Lodge we have a simple ethos – to provide the best aesthetic care and a beautiful environment whilst passing the friends and family test. All patients are seen and assessed and the treatment options disused at length. The aim of this is to come up with a suitable treatment plan that will achieve the look you require in partnership between you, the patient and the clinician.

We are 5 minutes from the junction 11 of the M4 or half an hour by train from Paddington train station and a 10-minute taxi ride. If you require minor or major airport directions or helicopter landing instructions do please contact us.

At The Lodge we do not use clinical procedures which are unproven or which have a risk-benefit profile inferior to treatments already available. We will not experiment on you or supply snake oil treatments.

What an amazing place, gated, private parking was greeted warmly by Dr Kennedy . He was very happy to listen to what it was that I wanted, no hard sell.


Marianne M

Went to the aesthetic lodge, was easy to find and park. All very private so different from the usual office arrangement. I spent a long time discussing options. I didn’t feel rushed, he was very good at explaining options. Made a booking, hardly felt anything and the price was reasonable too!


Megan L